New Apple TV 4K Coming With The Upgrade Everyone’s Waiting For

 Things got a lot better when the Menu button was easier to find thanks to a highly visible white ring around the Menu button, which happened with the Apple TV 4K launch. 

Since then, there’s been no upgrade to the streaming box at all. So, we’re well overdue, I’d say. 

The current remote is called the Siri Remote, though the name Apple TV Remote is also used for places where Siri isn’t in play. But it now seems that mentions of Siri Remote have been removed from the tvOS 14.5 beta. Could this be just a streamlining of the naming convention or, dare we hope, an all-new remote is coming soon?

After all, there have been plenty of rumors of a new TV box with massively upgraded processor to enable cutting-edge games from Apple Arcade to be played on the big screen. Not to mention a new remote that will work with the Find My app (or, here’s a thought, look down the back of the sofa, that’s where it’ll be).

As to when, plenty of rumors have suggested some time this year. Will it be in the predicted product release gold rush coming next month? It’s possible, but I’d say it’s more likely to be in the Fall. Sorry to make you wait. I’ll get back to you if there are any developments.

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