Apple Arcade helps Apple TV become the fourth home game console after Suo, Micro and In office

Lao Yang has been very fascinated by Apple Arcade recently. In short, it is a pleasure to play games in Arcade without advertisements, internal purchases and other harassment. It is simply a pleasure to concentrate on playing a game, and with Apple Arcade becoming more and more successful. Familiarity, the amount of game content has gradually increased, so it is not an overstated to praise Apple TV as the fourth "game console" in the family.

Apple Arcade was originally only used as a selected game category in the iOS APP Store, but now it has become the second game platform that collapses all Apple's terminal devices. Needless to say, the first one must be the App Store.

Recently, Lao Yang has found some new changes in Apple Arcade, such as adding content in Arcade Originals, which currently has 180 highly playable games.#Apple#

Lao Yang is not to praise Apple Arcade here, but sincerely hopes that domestic game platforms can understand and learn Apple Arcade's mode: just pay a monthly subscription fee ($4.99/month), and you can not worry about any advertising or internal purchase harassment. This is the player. The enjoyment and experience we are most looking forward to.

Apple is also interested in making Apple Arcade such a game entertainment platform, one of its strategic goals is to "provide incredible game experiences".

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Therefore, every game that can be put on the Apple Arcade platform will be reviewed in detail by Apple, and even some of them need to change its previous business model (such as internal purchase). It is no exaggeration to say that in order to bring "the ultimate game experience" to Apple Arcade users. ", Apple sincerely does not hesitate to offend the game content production team.

However, it also happens to be such a strict audit mechanism, so that players can stay on the Apple Arcade platform for a long time. Especially when you are a casual and Buddhist player, you will prefer the mode without internal purchase and advertising. In fact, Apple Arcade has It has almost all the content that players are familiar with, including: Fruit Ninja, Monument Valley, Threes! Wait, of course, there are classic games such as chess and cards, so Apple Arcade is more suitable for casual Buddhist players.

Finally, if you want to use Apple Arcade in China, you need a non-Chinese Apple ID to log in to your device.

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